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Are you going to EDC this weekend???

Post: June 20th, 2013

It is FINALLY here! Electric Daisy Carnival is THIS weekend! This is seriously going to be the best weekend of your life! ( not exaggerating here) it seriously is! You will see tons of famous dj’s, meet amazing people across the nation, and dance the night away in Las Vegas! If this is your first rave OR your first “EDC” here are a couple tips based on Experience!

there is going to be SOOOO much traffic. TRUST ME. The rave
starts at 7pm so at least leave around 530pm the latest. Depends where you are
staying. Last year, on the first day, there was so much traffic, no taxis would
take you out to the Speedway because it wasn’t worth their time! Get your taxis

Keep in mind your going to be raging
with THOUSANDS of people for 12 hours! Night to Day. Along with, other substances and dancing(just saying if you do EDC are a trooper).
There are water stations there, so just fill up whenever you need too! Take lots
of water bottles with your group, it’s such a hassle to get out of the crowd…to
the water station.. and back into the crowd.. takes an average of thirty
minutes! Just saying!

Last year everyone in my
group phones’ died. BUT we set a meeting spot once we arrived! (some tree) we
all had agreement. If we were to all get separated, at the end of the rave we
would all meet at the tree! Just stick together! And play it safe! It’s always
cool to meet new people, but you never know their intentions!

If your like me, I take a million of pictures and videos! I like to capture every moment, what’s wrong with that! Bringing an extra memory card for your camera or recording devices is always smart! Incase if you do run out of memory by the second day of halfway through the weekend, at least you will have that extra back up to capture every moment! You don’t want to delete pictures or videos to make room for more! Remember, you’re going to EDC and it’s in VEGAS….I’m pretty sure your Facebook,Instagram, are going to be blowing up my news feed!

It’s all part of the EDC Culture! These cute edgy bead bracelets are great way to hand out to make new friends! Break the Ice and meet some new people, to enhance your EDC experience!

Have fun! Dress up in bright colors or whatever you feel like! I know me and my friends always have outfits for each day with a theme! (guys and girls can do this) Check out Electric Laundry !! They make really cute and creative outfits! It’s not too late to whip up a masterpiece…..just get the superglue,tape, costume pieces, FAST. it’s in TWO DAYS!

A lot of places probably do accept card, but cash is just easier! Remember, more than likely you’re going to be splitting a taxi cab back and forth to EDC…you don’t want to be that person “oh I only have my card” and you also don’t want to pay a 5 dollar fee for taking out money! Just take what you need for each day!

You don’t want to take your purse or a huge backpack to this! It will either get stolen, you may lose something, or it will just be a hassle to carry around! You can purchase a Phone Wallet that fits the majority of your things! You don’t want to be dancing around with weight on your shoulder!

Well, now it’s up to you! You are going to have a great experience! Have fun and be safe and RAGE! P.L.U.R.

- Intern Dallis

here are my favorite tunes at the moment, that make me want to rage!