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There’s something empowering about deleting someone from your phone…

Post: July 21st, 2014


There’s something empowering about deleting someone from your phone.  Maybe you have that one ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend’s number you still keep in your phone, you know the one you have “just in case” they call so you don’t “accidently pick up?” Now let’s be honest with ourselves, we all know that isn’t true.  In reality you keep the contact for the SLIGHT possibility that maybe just maybe, sometime in the future there is a chance that you will reconnect (or drunk text, whichever comes first.)  Either way, it’s still there because you are still holding on, even if it’s just a little bit.

Or maybe you keep that person’s number who has always kept you on the back burner in your phone?  You know the one who sends you one text for every three you send them?  The one who will always respond to your text, but will never take the time to initiate the conversation themselves?  The one who only texts or calls late at night when they’ve obviously had way too much to drink or when they have nothing else to do on a Sunday night?  All you need is one call or one text from that person every now and then to keep your hope alive (and keep their number in your phone).  However, deep down inside you know the truth….he/she just really isn’t that into you.  Sure they may like you some, however some is not enough.  Trust me.

Or maybe it’s even just a friend?  A friend who really hasn’t been too much of a friend to you at all?  A friend who never makes the effort to call you back or even send a simple, “Hello, how are you doing?” text message.  Yet, you still claim they are your best friend or a really good one anyway.  News flash: Just because someone used to be a good friend, doesn’t mean they are anymore.

The lies we tell ourselves sometimes are funny.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think it’s ok to lie to yourself at times.  It’s good for the ego.  However at one point there comes a time when you just need to man/woman up and delete that person from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and ultimately your life.  If someone doesn’t make you one of their top priorities then why are you constantly making them one of yours?  Why do you think about them all day long, when they aren’t doing the same?  Why do you run to your phone every time you hear a text message come through, only to be disheartened when it’s just your mom texting?  Why are you letting this person (who obviously doesn’t care as much about you as you do them) control so many of your daily emotions?  Who the f*ck is this person anyway and why do they get to control you??! Seriously!  I mean, really…think about it for a second.

I think sometimes we hold onto false hope for no other reason than that, its false hope.  We make things bigger than they really are (well he called me twice last month…he’s probably just really busy).  If someone wants to really get to know you and see you than they will make the time to do so.  I am one of the busiest people I know, and I work with some of the busiest people around and trust me, if we want to make the time we can and will.  It may not be as often or as frequent as the next person, however time CAN be made.

So I guess what I’m encouraging you to do today is to delete THAT person from your phone! Whoever it may be. Do it now! Ha! Don’t let anyone hold any space in your life that doesn’t hold space in theirs for you.  Maybe, if somewhere down the line, they re-enter your life and truly make a valiant effort to be a part of it, then I’d say it’s ok to re-add them into your phone, but only then.  And make sure to let THEM put in the work for YOU, not the other way around.  I deleted someone from my phone today and it felt damn good :)  Till next time…

Xoxo- Geena