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Our Happy Hour Magazine article!

Post: April 19th, 2011

Thanks Happy Hour Magazine for putting us on the cover of your magazine!  Check out the article below.

SD Hometown Celebrity: Frankie, Geena & Sonic from Channel 933

Good Morning San Diego!

By Mike Fortson

Photo: Blair Robb

Since the departure of AJ’s Playhouse, the morning ratings at Channel 933 haven’t been the same- that is until Frankie and Geena took over the mics in November 2010. Let the fun begin!

They seem like complete opposites, Frankie being an outspoken Boston native and Geena being a Latina from Los Angeles, but they jell together like they have known each other for years. Then you throw their prankster Producer Sonic into the mix and you have an eclectic morning show that is definitely worth listening to.

“We are young, fun and relatable. We live in San Diego and actually partake in everything this beautiful city has to offer,” says Geena. “We try to talk about things that are relatable to our peers, real things people go through while never trying to be too serious. We rag on each other like brother and sister.”

Listen to Frankie and Geena (and Sonic) on Channel 933 Monday through Friday from 6am to 10am!


Frankie V: I grew up in Framingham MA, which is 15 miles west of Boston.

Geena: Sylmar, CA

Sonic: Santa Maria, CA

Favorite Happy Hour:

F: Prospect Bar and Grill in La Jolla

G: La Puerta

S: I’m not mad at Hooters.

Best bar or restaurant to take an out-of-towner to:

F: Island Prime!

G: Seau’s, Cafe Coyote or Harney Sushi

S: Basic is always good- anyone can feel comfortable there.

Favorite Beer or Cocktail:

F: Jack and Diet

G: Captain Morgan and Diet Coke

S: Mexican Beers! Ginger Beer in the mix never hurts a cocktail.

What celebrity would you most want to have a drink with?

F: Hugh Hefner

G: Charlie Sheen- I’m sure it would be a crazy night.

S: Shaq

Something only a local would know about San Diego:

F: Carne Asada Fries

G: Girls don’t get “dressed up” to go out in PB. Every time my out of town friends come into town they are amazed at how “chill” everyone is.

S: Park in the yellow after 6!

How long you been a radio personality and how’d you get started?

F: I’ve been fulltime in radio for 8 years! After college I got a job doing advertising for a sports station in Boston, then snuck my way into production studios to make fake demo tapes! Started at small market New Bedford MA, to Portland Maine, to Hartford CT, to San Diego etc.

G: I started as an intern in college about eight years ago at 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles. I eventually became the red-carpet reporter on the night show there and moved my way up.

S: Five years0 I started as an intern for AJ’s Playhouse. Slept my way to the top.

How would you describe your show? Why should I tune in?

F: Full of random fun, gossip, and everything that is happening in San Diego!

G: We are young, fun and relatable. We live in San Diego and actually partake in everything this beautiful city has to offer. We try to talk about things that are relatable to our peers, real things people go through while never trying to be TOO serious. We rag on each other like brother and sister.

S: I’m on two shows. Mornings, we’re mixing in the music with Celebrity Gossip that the ladies love- and spiking in a couple smiles. Working with twp of my best friends and it comes thru the mics. Nights, 7-midnight, I’m just having too much fun…don’t tell my boss.

Geena, how has been the transition from AJ in the Morning on Star 94.1 to having your own show on Channel 933? What have been the biggest challenges and what do you like more about your new gig?

I work more now! Haha! AJ was a great leader who made all the major decisions and I kind of just did my job and contributed as my role allowed me too. Now that it’s our own show, I’m the one in the meetings (along with Frankie) making decisions trying to figure out what will work and not work. So there’s a lot more decision making, a lot more meetings and a lot more pretending to be a grown-up now ;) I like that though! We are taking things one day at a time

Geena, what sites do you get all your gossip from?

Which one’s don’t I get info from? There are soooo many that I check on a daily basis. I seriously feel like my head is going to explode sometimes with all the useless celebrity knowledge that’s in there on a daily basis. I know waaaaay TOO much. I mean, is it really necessary to know every celeb kids middle name?

Frankie, how has your switch been from working the night shifts to the morning shifts? Have you had to tone down your content for the morning audience?

The switch has been smooth because of working with a morning pro ( Geena), but its been a bit tough to change my sleep schedule! I used to go to bed at 3am, now im getting up at 3am. My alarm clock and I get in a fight every morning! The content is the same from nights to mornings, but the way we deliver it is a bit different!

Frankie, what brought you to the West Coast? What do you miss most about Boston? What do you like most about San Diego?

My career brought me to San Diego. I was doing a night show in Hartford Connecticut and was offered an audition on Channel 933. They flew me in to interview and audition and once I landed I KNEW this was the place I had to be! Honestly, I miss my family the most in regards to Boston. You can’t replace missed time when it comes to family, and as we grow up the time with them becomes priceless! What I love most about San Diego is how welcoming the city is and how much there is to do! When the weather is good 12 months a year, you never get bored!

Sonic, what are you bringing to the table? What are your duties of the show?

I book all the celebrity interviews. Control the sounds you hear…audio clips, etc. Maintain the website and manage our interns.

Sonic, are you ever going to break a world record? Which record do you want most?

I already have! I might have cheated, but the records are on video and under review as we speak. Fastest time for ten man hugs and fastest time to push a Snicker bar four feet using a banana hanging from my waist.

What time do you all get up in the morning?

F: I get up at 3:30 every morning!

G: I wake up at about 4ish. Frankie gets up earlier because he’s a girl and likes to takes baths before work.

S: 4:05am

Since you are behind a mic, is there a dress code for you or can you wear your pajamas to work?

F: It’s funny; people think we always just rock PJs. I like to dress as if I was going out to a happy hour. Not too dressed up, but definitely not as a slob. It helps me feel comfortable behind the mic!

G: There is no dress code!! I love it! That’s one of my favorite parts of the job. Hoodies and jeans everyday to work is awesome!

S: We could def wear whatever we like, no dress code. I dress the same everyday though…Fresh to Def! hahaha nah just a t-shirt and jeans with some sneaks-every once in a while I might Pauly D up the hair and get my spikes on.

Who decides the content for the show? Do you have get it pre-approved by the suits or do they give you the freedom of talking about what you want?

F: We work as a team to develop our content each morning.

G: Everyday by 6pm we email each other ideas we have for the following day’s show. We also email each other what we did that day, any events we went to, anything that came up in our lives that might be good content for the show. Then at about 5am every morning we review everything turned in and decide as a group what makes the cut and where we should talk about different subjects. No we don’t have to get it approved by the suits. They are pretty good at letting us do our thing. Don’t get me wrong though, if we say something they don’t like, we will hear about it later…lol..

S: We all do. Frankie and Geena as hosts make the final decisions. We are where we are at because “the suits” trust our judgement.

Who’s in charge of what songs get played during your show?

F: I am the Music Director of Channel 933. I work under our Program Director Haze. Together we decide on the stations playlist for the day…from mornings to nights!

What’s a day in the life of your job like?

F: My day always varies! Normally I am in by 4:30am, I begin to prep and get ready for our show. The show goes til 10am. After I normally send out my voicetracks for my night show that is heard on 102.3 The Beat in Austin. After handling that show I talk daily with record reps and schedule the music for Channel 933. Some days we meet with clients, some days I am able to sneak out earlier than others. I am also on the air doing weekends at 102.7 KIIS-FM in LA, 103.5 KISS-FM in Chicago, and KISS 108 in Boston. So somedays I am there later handling my duties for those markets as well.

G: It really varies. Somedays I can be at work by 4:45am and back home by 10:45am. Other days I may have meetings or events or interviews all day and not get home till 10pm. One thing I can count on regarding my schedule is that I don’t have a set one. Every single day is different and things always come up at the last minute. We are always on the go.

S: Hectic but fun. Keeps me on my toes. A chill day is coming in at 4:30 AM and leaving at noon. Coming back in at 6:00 Pm – midnight. Curve balls get thrown my way often,maybe an artist in studio in between, a lunch, meetings, or a Happy Hour Magazine Photo shoot!

What is your memorable radio interview and why?

F: Interviewing Lady Gaga in 2009 was my most memorable. It was in front of a studio audience. She is VERY smart which makes it difficult to make the interview flow. She kept me on my toes and it ended up being one of the best interviews I’ve ever done.

G: Paris Hilton because she was so bad. Really? Why do people like her get famous and rich? I really enjoyed talking to Wyclef Jean. He was a very intellectual and compelling speaker. He had me hanging on every word. Rev Run is also awesome. I love talking to people who inspire and just seem to really have a passion for life.

S: It’s a toss up. Either the day I laughed in Luda’s Face during an interview….or the day I called Adam Lambert Fat when FOX and American Idol were with him in studio.

What do you like most about your job?

F: I like knowing I can positively influence someone’s day, without even knowing I did so.

G: That we don’t have to dress up! J/K I love that we are able to share our lives with thousands of people every day. I’ve had a great experience with San Diegans really embracing me and I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful people. It’s cool when people come up to you and say they related to something you said, or went through something you did. Just the fact that I was able to either be a comfort for someone, or I was able to put a smile on someone’s face is very rewarding for me. I’m glad I can be a voice to the community.

S: Having fun and getting paid. Associating with Artists and Celebs. Hosting events.

What do you dislike the most about your job?

F: There isn’t anything I dislike, although my alarm clock does get a beating at 3:30am each day :-)

G: Waking up early sucks…every day I hit the snooze button at least three times

S: The hours.

What separates you from other people on the air?

F: My work ethic has always been one that I pride myself in. I was once told “work harder than the rest to succeed”. That combined with my “Boston attitude” on the air separates me I guess :-)

G: I try to be as open as possible. I don’t lie about anything. If you ask me something I will tell you. I don’t hide anything. What you see is what you get. I’m the same “off-air” as I am “on-air.” There are others that live by that motto also, but not many.

S: Im outta my mind half the time.

Any wild radio stories? Listeners, yourself, whatever?

G: Spend a weekend with Rihanna in Vegas and on her tour bus and you’ll have plenty of stories..but what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas;) Lips are sealed…

S: I hooked up with a listener after gettting her stuff from her ex for her for a bit we called, “Relationship Repo Man”.

Tell us something about yourself that many don’t know:

F: My brother is also working in radio! He hosts the night show at WNOU in INDY. My parents always said “good thing you chose radio as a career, had you chosen to be a brain surgeon Mikey would have done the same…and that would have been scary”

G: I don’t take shots…ever..well maybe sometimes but only if it’s a buttery nipple..that sounds weird…

S: I used to work for Michael Jackson. Im half Japanese – Quarter Irish – Quarter Scottish

What do you like to do outside of your job?

F: Huge sports fanatic! I enjoy anything to do with sports! Im also a sucker for random “tourist” things in San Diego. I’ve been here 4.5 years, but still feel like there is so much I still need to do in San Diego!

G: I love exercising, running, boxing, hanging out with my dogs, drinking wine, trying new restaurants, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and I’m addicted to winning stuffed animals in those claw machines. If I see a claw machine I will stop and play at least 10 bucks.

S: I wish I could say hang out with Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods, but no. I like to catch up with freinds…go out and embarrass myself.

Dream job?

F: I feel like what I do everyday in radio is a dream! I’m fortunate for everything I have gotten to do. I continually dream of getting better at what I am currently doing and seeing where it takes me :-)

G: I always want to do radio. I love it. I can’t imagine doing anything else. But if I could do something in addition to radio, I’d love to host a major tv show of some sort. Maybe do red-carpet reporting for a major network. I’ve also always wanted to be a “criminal investigative reporter” (think Hannibal Lecter) although I’ve never done anything like that whatsoever. I’d also love to art direct photo shoots or conduct some sort of story in a major magazine. I’d also love to produce some sort of fashion show and maybe own a bar or restaurant. I kind of want to do everything.

S: Hosting Family Fued or any TV show. “Survey Says!”

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